Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Australian fashion Mecca

On every trip to Australia, I always drop by the Alannah Hill boutique. But nothing beats her store in Melbourne. It's girlish, kirschy, boudoir-ish, romantic, whimsical, silly, lacy, frilly, conquettish, opulant, quirky... it isn't strange.

It is signature Alannah Hill.

It's the city where she started her label, and it's only right that her store in Chapel Street holds the standard in reflecting the person that she is. The designs that she creates. I would jump into into the changing room with 10 pieces, and walk away with three.

Together with a hole in my pocket.

Terence knows just where I'll be headed next week, when we land in Melbourne. This time, he is lucky. Her store is right smack in the city.

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