Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mind your language, young man

Terence reading "Spider School" to Kai (A blur picture taken with my Moto Q 9h)

Kai has been practising his vocabulary, and so not a day goes by without him say some words that he's learnt. "Trucks" is one of his favourite words, and the other day I heard "push" which originated from Gordon's--an engine from the Thomas collection--story.

Then one day, it was "shit".

That raised an eyebrow.

Can I blame the influence of tv on young kids? Or was it me? Did he overhear, *gasp* god forbid, me cursing in his presence. Have I contaminated his innocent mind?

One day, as he cuddled up on my lap, listening to the Gruffolo's story (again), I pointed to the snake in the picture and asked: "What's this?"


A few days later, I dragged out "Spider School", pointed to the snake in the picture and asked: "What's this?"


*sigh of relieve* It's just his still-developing-tongue trying to wrap around the dastardly complex word: "Snake".

See, one must be very careful the type of literature you expose your kids to.
# # #

Then today as I was listening to the Thomas song (again), a sentence jumped out at me: "...shunting trucks and hauling freight".

Or does he mean "shunt"?

Guess I'd never really know.

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