Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Motherhood is...

The school called me up last Friday at 11am to tell me that Kai is running a fever of about 37.8 degree celsius. Terence, who was working from home that morning, picked him up and brought him to MIL's house.

Then at 4pm, his temperature went up to 38.8-39. I was commanded to drop everything to bring Kai to the doctor. In between multiple phone calls with my anxious MIL, and Terence who would call to ask "are you heading home already?", I had to:
- deal with a client regarding feedback to something we've written, and
- contact another client to ask if I could get my senior writer (Michelle) to do a phone interview with her Thai customer at 5pm instead.

After juggling everyone's expectations, briefing Michelle who too had to rush off for an appointment at 5.30/5.45pm, wrangling with an irate and unhelpful clinic assistant to get the earliest appointment with the doctor, I finally reached my MIL's home.

Everyone was calm and happy. MIL was carrying a sleeping Joshua. Kai was beaming from ear to ear despite a temperature of 38.5-ish. Brought him to the clinic which was bursting with patients. In between registering him, getting him weighed (10.7kg) and measured (83cm), I had to take office calls. I worried about Kai, I wondered if Michelle made it in time for her appointment, I thought about Florence who had a family emergency too that day.

For Kai, the most exciting things that happened to him in that short afternoon were:
1. Cooked up a storm at the play kitchen in the doctor's waiting area
2. Had medicine stuffed up his nether-region down south
3. Looked puzzled when event #2 happened

Motherhood can be hell.

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