Friday, March 28, 2008

Bungalow: Good value, or not?

The Wagyu steak at Bungalow (taken by my Moto Q 9h)

For a brainstorming session, we brought the team to Bungalow at United Square for lunch. It's a Spanish tapas and grill joint that suffers from a identity crisis--it serves Italian food too.

On Friday, they have a lunch Wagyu set at S$48, which includes soup or salad, coffee or tea and dessert. Their Wagyu ribeye is S$68 under its ala carte menu, so I couldn't resist a good deal.

Diners can choose between red wine sauce (yucks) or mushroom sauce (double yucks), but I chose to have it plain with just its juice.

I've got mixed feeling about it. I requested for medium rare, but the meat was light pinkish brown. It was smokie, but too salty. Then again, one can't deny that it was still a damn good piece of Wagyu. The onion soup that came with my set was thin, lacklustre. For dessert, they gave strawberry ice cream. Service could be more prompt.

Then why, why, why blog about this place? Well, I suppose if you have a craving for meat and good value Wagyu beef, then do check out Bungalow on a Friday noon. And I must admit, they do fire up a good grill.

101 Thomson Road
#01-014/15 United Square

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