Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday breakfast at the airport

The new Terminal 3 is turning out to be a great place for us. The bright, open expanse space allows Kai to run around without us having to say: "Watch out!", "No, don't touch that!", "BECAREFUL!!!", "Please put that back!", "Terence, grab him!" every second or so.

Then there is Wang Cafe that serves a killer kopi si, lots of local small eats and of course, variations of the kaya toast bread. For Kai, there's the added thrill of the sky train to T2 and T1, of which he refused to get off. And a few rounds with Papa around a water feature.
The poor kid cried buckets when we walked into the carpark. But nothing a bowl of grapes to munch on the way home wouldn't solve.

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