Sunday, March 02, 2008

Oozing with richness: Le Saint Julien

Marbled terrine of duck liver with Cadillac wine, green peppercorns and raisin brioche

I met Clement and Margaret for lunch, of which I only ordered a salad. That raised a couple of eyebrows and to which I explained that I was bringing Terence to Le Saint Julien for our wedding anniversary dinner later. So no big meals for lunch.

"Oh, it's a very 'rich' place," says Clement.

My turn to raise an eyebrow. "Rich? As in...?"

"Food. The food is very rich," he explains. Apparantly he's been there a couple of times; seems like he and Char like the place.

This French restauant, romantically situated by the Singapore river in the nicely reburfished Waterboat House, is in every sense 'rich'. It oozes richness from the patrons, to the furnishings, to the atmosphere, and to the food. We felt a little out of place there. It is well patronised by foreigners, of which a table or two spoke French. So I suppose the cuisine is as authentic French as it gets?

The food was nice. I really liked my Terrine de foie gras marbrée aux poivres verts, brioche aux raisins (HUH? See translation in picture caption). Terence liked his "Lobster bisque soup with sea scallop, garlic aïoli and croutons", another house specialty. The escargots were so-so. But the main--"Roast Huppe duck with foie gras, confit and rillettes, honey, walnut and lemon sauce"--was really, really, really good too. I just wish I wasn't so full after the escargots.

Roast Huppe duck with foie gras, confit and rillettes, honey, walnut and lemon sauce (Clockwise from left: foie gras, confit, and magret de canard)

Having said that, I don't think we'd go back again unless someone decides to buy us dinner. It is simply tres cher (very expensive). Everything in the wine list costs more than S$100; the cheapest costs S$90.

How indulging right?

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