Sunday, March 02, 2008

The cat's day off

A little more to the right will 'ya?

My poor cats.

Before Kai came along, they were the centre of my attention. Then Kai came along and ruined everything for them.

Now that Kai is older, life can be hell. When Kai comes home/wakes up/comes tearing through the living room, Sandy scuttles to the top of the cat condo or the toilet sink where Kai can't reach her. But Smokie, being the gentler and more silly of the two, puts up with being tortured.

Sometimes when he is none too gentle with patting her, she'd just run away or pull back her ears and give a warning hiss. That's when Terence and I will come flying to rescue both of them with: "Please do not hurt Smokie! This is how you should sayang her."

But Smokie does like Kai. Well, sort of. She keeps turning up her belly to him, which is a cat's way of training their owners to pat their them. Once, Kai saw the cat lying belly up in the corner, decided to push the toddler-size Thomas at top speed into the cat.

Result was expected. Smokie continued lying there until Thomas hit her, she gave a yowl and flew off the wall.

Nothing we could do. It all happened too fast. I just had to apologise to Smokie after that.

Yet everytime Kai cries, Smokie gets very upset too. She'd sit outside his room and howl alongside with him. And when she gets a chance, she'd rub herself against the sobbing kid.


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