Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Party, party, party!

I have got this backlog of stories (and photographs) that I want to blog about, but all I want to do these days when I get home is throw myself on the bed and watch "Battlestar Galactica".

Ever since Kai started nursury more than one month ago, he has attended two parties in school. We were pretty excited for the kiddo when we received the invitation stuffed in his school bag by the teachers, until he came home after the parties with:
1. One KFC Chicky Club party pack
2. One McDonald's party pack

I looked dismayed. Terence said, "We must be the only parents in his class that doesn't give him fast food."

The poor deprived kid. I'm pretty sure he had a good time.
# # #

In our minds, the Chows always throw damn nice parties although the only party of theirs that we've ever attended was their wedding. Plus they've always been pretty good hosts everytime we visited them in Bangkok, and if they should ever invite you over for breakfast, say "Yes" without hesitation. We were treated to a proper, sit-down continental breakfast with coffee of your choice (with toast and proper paper napkins!) when we visited their new-born baby recently.

Yes, the Chows really know how to entertain.

All right. I admit that I ought to have taken a picture of Baby Kate when we went for her one month celebrations two weeks ago.

But since this particular blog is about parties... I'd have to draw your attention to the cakes they gave as a parting gift to their guests. Rather than the boring Bengawan Solo cake vouchers that only unimaginative, boring, time-starved parent like me would give, they gave this absolutely yummy, gorgeous looking cup cake from baked ideas.

It was presentable, pretty, and best of all--their chocolate ganache tastes as good as the picture.
# # #
Kai turns two in June. I don't think it'd matter to him what kind of party he gets at this age. But hmm... perhaps it's time I put my events organising skills to the work for my kid! Any ideas?

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