Sunday, October 21, 2007

I love to go a wandering

I got my wish to go tramping with Kai. It was unexpected. Terence only wanted to drive to the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse at the Geographe Bay, and he was saying he was tired, can we not trek etc. But when we got there, we decided to go anyway. Good thing that we always kept the Macpac in the boot--courtesy of the Tays.

It was fantastic. We walked about 5km, which took about an hour--inclusive of the stop to catch whales at the Whale Lookout point. And we saw whales! Yeah, ok, they were far, far away but we caught some breaching action (or so we thought were breaching action) and water spouting from the blow-hole. We both took turns to carry Kai. The Macpac would be one helluva good investment if we lived in Australia.

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