Friday, August 24, 2007

Kena S**!

Note: The headline is in the spirit of all things Singlish and Hokkien (Read Joy's account of Singalella).

Monday morning (around 12am): Woke up with a funny feeling in my stomach. Recognised it as something ominiously similar to my last food poisoning episode a year plus ago. Grabbed "Stardust", went to the loo, and waited. It wasn't that bad initially. I still could read a few pages. Then all hell broke loose; or rather, both ends of my orifice let loose. It got so bad that I could be "doing the Merlion" and just have water gushing out through the other end BOTH at the same time. Sometimes, it doesn't even take place on the toilet bowl, but on the floor.

See. Really kena sai right?

How come I don't sit on the toilet bowl leh, you ask. If you had to go through this from roughly 12am to 4.30am continuously, I tell you, you would be too tired and in too much pain to be sitting on the bowl as well.

Sweet Terence just sat through the entire episode with me, and tried to clean me up as much as possible.

That's called true love, understand.

Love you deep deep, Terence.

Suffice to say both of us were exhausted when it was over. I didn't even go through so much pain (in fact, I didn't go through any pain at all) during labour.

And the end of the whole thing, he said this to me: Wah, and you brought a book in with you?!

I knew it'd be a long night what, was my reply.

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