Monday, May 14, 2007

My first mother's day

A couple of thoughts:
1. My child is a blessing: Saw an older girl (about six years old?) with cerebral palsy at the pool over the weekend. She couldn't walk, couldn't talk. But we're happy for her because we could see that her father and maid loves her very much. So many things can go wrong during a pregnancy, and so I'm thankful for Kai.

2. Maintaining a marriage is hard work: He laments about the two pair of pants that I promised to mend, but have not done so for several months. I shake my head at the window which he forgets to close and the air-con he leaves on just before he goes to work (and which I discover only when I get home at night). It's so easy to neglect the relationship when motherhood comes along and work always gets in the way, but it is so important to keep the romance alive.

3. Never say never: Keep an open mind. I used to scoff at people who play golf; what's the challenge of chasing a stupid white ball around the field? But I needed a sport which I can play together with Terence when we grow old. So ok, I went to learn golf almost grudgingly and damn, all I can think of now is: Why can't I @#$%-ing chip properly? (PLUS: I thought the chance of Joy or Corinne learning how to drive a car was ZERO but what do you know! They're both learning how to drive! Good for them!)

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