Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kai's vocabulary

"Care!" = Cat
"Ca" = Car
"Eh!" = Train
"Da!" = Duck
"Bal bal" = Ball
"Bow" = "Bowl"
"Stah!" = Star, but only when he's in the mood
"Pa pa pa pa pa" = Anything and everything else in the world
# # #

Mom-in-law was very insistent that he knows how to point to the watermelon flashcard when she says xi gua (or watermelon in Chinese). I tested him: I picked up all the flashcards, took out the watermelon card, and placed all the other cards on the floor. I said: "Where is xi gua?" He looked and looked, and then started flipping the cards around to look for xi gua!

I did the same thing again, except this time I put the watermelon card back in. He pointed to the card almost immediately when asked.

But he's not learned other objects yet.

So. It's no wonder some people are huge believers in hot housing.

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