Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kai and Godma Eva

Finally brought Kai to see his Godma Eva, and our camera had to fail on me. It's starting to give a very 1970s-look to pictures, and some look like they're from the twilight zone or something.

Kai's wearing his Junkfood T. He doesn't know how lucky he is yet.

It's funny. I've spent the whole weekend with Kai; he's sleeping now and I miss him already.


Anonymous said...

Kai's look here is hilarious!! Are you sure no one taught him to make these faces? They're priceless.

And you know those old pictures (of you guys and your ex-colleagues) that Joy and you showed me last week? Eva here looks like you then. =)

- CW

Khay Mun said...

Eva looks like me? Really?!?! I'll tell her that. :-)

Yup, we wonder where he pick up those faces from. He's now got a few more to share, ;-)


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