Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Drama: Rush to the hospital

28 & 29 Mar, Day 4 & 5: Heard Kai wheezing in the morning of Day 4. Heard it again at night; told Terence. After he tried listening to Kai's with his "naked ear", he made a few phone calls to the reception enquiring about pharmacies/hospitals, and to the hospital. He finally said at around 8pm: "Let's go the hospital." He appeared very calm, though I was worried sick about Kai getting bronchitis.

Packed and wrapped baby in multiple layers, and drove down to the district hospital just 5 minutes away. Borrowed the nurse's stethoscope so that he could listen to Kai's chest. The wheeze wasn't too serious. But we decided against going down south to Albany where it'd be colder.

The question then was where do we go?

Up to Quay West Bunker Bay, one of the most luxurious hotels in WA (Thank you Terence!).

On the way there, we dropped by The Margaret River Chocolate Factory. There were three big bowls of chocolate for sampling, and no one cared if you kept scooping chocolates into your hands. Tasting note: If you ever make your way there, you MUST buy the hot chocolate drink (dark chocolate) there. It's really to die for.

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Anonymous said...

i luuurve the magaret river yoghurt. v delicious!!! :-P kjj


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