Friday, April 06, 2007

Voyager Estate: Yummy Yum Yum!

28 Mar 2007, Day 4: We stopped by at Voyager Estate the day before, and were so wowwed by its immaculate lawn, acres and acres of vineyard, and wonderful rose garden. But what made us decide that we MUST eat here was when we spotted their herb garden.

I saw the basil first (here's us in front of the basil patch), then we spotted dill, thyme, rosemary, chilli (yes, chilli!), parsley, and many other herbs. It's a working herb garden! That's when we said that with a garden like this, we just have to try the food here.

Turns out that their restaurant has won a series of awards: the State's Best Overall Restaurant, Best Winery Restaurant (Third Successive Year), and Best Tourism Restaurant. (Check out the Autumn menu.) We both had the "Over-roasted pork belly with pickled rhubarb, eggplant caviar and a rasberry verjuice glace".

I'm not one for pork belly but my oh my.... The meat was so soft that it simply melted in you mouth, and the fats just dissolved into a molten experience of flavour.

This part of the trip makes me wish the Chows were with us. I'm sure they'd love the experience too.

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Ujin & Sharon said...

oh yes we wished we were there too, Khay!

The chows


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