Saturday, November 11, 2006

Friday night date: French food

After the massage (see my post below), Terence met me and we went for a dinner "date". It's been a long time since we went out for dinner at a nice restaurant. The last time was for his birthday in July when I brought him to Flutes at the Fort .

Since we were in Chinatown, we decided to go Club Street after a long debate. He kept saying we HAVE to go Langest. Huh?

Yes, yes, we must go Langest was all that he would say.

It didn't strike me till very much later, AFTER we had our dinner, that he meant L'Angelus. It's a French restaurant at 85 Club Street that looks very much like one of those restaurants in France. But they were full, which is amazing because they've got quite a number of tables inside. This means we have to try it one day. The Magret de Canard is supposedly very good.

We ended up in My Dining Room, which has won Wine & Dine awards for three years in the row. We know because the certificates lined the wall leading up to the restaurant.

I had foie gras (yummy!) and cod (ordinary), and Terence had the clam chowder (yummy!) and half-lobster served with ravioli that had a dash of white truffles oil on it (super yummy!). It was essentially, what they call, the "Autumn Winter menu". Truffles, chestnut sauce (which came with the rabbit dish) are very winter dishes.

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