Saturday, November 11, 2006

Another milestone accomplished

Been meaning to tell everyone that he can sit like a tripod on his own now for a very brief moment before toppling over. But I wanted to have pictures to accompany this post, and it's difficult to take them as I have to make sure I catch him before he falls. A difficult task since I don't want to drop the camera too.

So I ended up supporting him with my leg, which means it's not a very accurate picture of what he CAN do. But I suppose these will suffice for now.

Here's another great online shopping site which I'll like to share:
Piperlime. It's got shoes galore for everyone in the family! It belongs to Gap Inc I think.

1 comment:

jorina said...

zara and fox baby have nice baby boy stuff. i usually wait for sale.

can find good stuff at some of those shopping mall carts selling branded stuff which are factory overruns too.


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