Monday, April 13, 2015

MWAC: Little India and an encounter with the curious Indian man

I had noticed two Indian hearses parked in a public car park during my Saturday morning runs around Farrer Park, and I've always made a mental note to take some pictures "the next time". But the next time almost never happened because of some reason or another until I made what the husband deemed as an impulse purchase--the Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 camera.

But after I showed him my photos, he seemed somewhat mollified and also amused by my encounter with a curious Indian man who allowed me to take a photo of him. He had followed me after I snapped a photo of him, a curious bystander who was watching construction workers load trash onto a truck. I was initially afraid, and I should be as he was rather big size and can you imagine the apprehension of having a man tail you as you walked down the streets!

But I stopped and looked at him, and he stopped, shook his head in a friendly manner, and waved both his hands. Perhaps it was a greeting, a hello, a question. I didn't know what possessed me to point at my camera and make an ok sign to him, indicating that I'd like to snap a photo of him. To my amazement, he stood and posed for me.

We then stood in the street as I showed him how his image slowly appeared on film. When it finally came out, he smiled, I smiled. He shook his head and waved his hands, and we both went our separate ways.

He wasn't local. I don't think he is. Then I saw the SG50 banners further down the road, adorning Little India, and that's when I knew what SG50 means to me.

Indian hearse
Hearse 3508
Golden horse
There are many electronic stores like this touting great mobile phone deals
There he is, my curious friend (left)
My curious friend
A Chinese association in Little India
Mahatma Gandhi Memorial
The foundation stone for the building was laid by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1950 during his first official visit to Singapore as Prime Minister of India. The idea to build this memorial was proposed by 20 women during a memorial organised by the Women's Section of the Regional Indian Congress after Gandhi's assassination in 1948.


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