Saturday, January 11, 2014

Do one thing everyday that scares you… and your kids

I wrote about confronting fears a while back. One of the things that scare me as a mother is letting my boys push their limits through a new sport/activity. There's always the fear that they'll get hurt but at the same time, I must put on a calm and "oh don't worry, this is safe if you follow instructions" look during the learning process.

Kit waxing his board.
So the boys learned to sandboard during the December holidays. There was the initial worry that someone would fall, tumble down the slope, and break something (not the board) but the boys really did well on the slopes. Plus, they absolutely loved it!

Me prepping Kit's board.
(Photo taken with LC-A+)
I really worried about Kit although all he did was just sit on the board and slide down a really, really, really long sandy slope.

Me waxing Kai's board.
(Photo taken with LC-A+)
And Kai stood on the board all the way down slope.

Empty landscape because we were too busy sand boarding and cheering the kids on that no one took pictures of anyone in action!
This long slope.

Oh, and yes, I sandboarded too. So yay, I confronted the fear of my kids getting hurt and confronted my own fear of potentially hurting myself. Heh!

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