Thursday, September 19, 2013

Where's my money?

(Taken with the LC-A+ using Fuji Velvia RVP 100F film.)
About two months ago, Kai started putting whatever is left of his pocket money in a POSB coin bank everyday. Shaped like a house, the coin bank is made of porcelain and has Smiley Squirrel, POSB's escort back in the 70s, in front. It belonged to me, and I just discovered it costs S$18 on ebay.

Because he has been so diligent in saving his money (he even stopped buying Milo during recess), the amount grew considerably. He emptied it, sat down, and started counting his money. S$34.10. I didn't want to leave the money lying around the house so I kept it, intending to bank in the money in an account that I've set up for him when he was a baby.

But he's been asking where has the money gone. Is it physically in a bank? Is it in POSB? I don't think he quite understood the idea of cheques and electronic cash. I thought I'd write him a cheque in his name and have him drop it into a cheque box.

Then as I was walking Kit home from school one day, I looked up and saw the big POSB sign ahead of me.

It was a sign.

Until this day, I still remember queuing up with my parents to open my own POSB bank account. I remembered putting stickers on a POSB savings card, which was created as part of the savings campaign for children in the 70s.

I think it's about time I give him another childhood memory. That envelope of coins that he's saved will be going into a bank account which he'd be opening, together with me, tomorrow.

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