Saturday, August 03, 2013

My Fujipet experience

At Tekka Market, taken with the Fujipet 35. (Using Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400)
I try to make sure I still have a life outside of kids, and photography is a way for me to stay sane.

After a looooong search, I finally laid my hands on the Fujipet camera, in fact two Fujipet cameras. The Fujipet is a super cute toy camera manufactured by Fuji Photo Film Co. from 1957 to 1963. (You can read more about the Fujipet here on this excellent blog by moominsean.) It is considered a rare camera as it was never made for sale outside of Japan.

I now own a Fujipet 35 as well as the Fujipet Thunderbird (isn't it a cute name?), the first uses 35mm film while the second uses 120 film.

I am still trying to figure my way around the cameras but what I've discovered is that the Fujipet 35 can take some really sharp photos while the Fujipet Thunderbird gives somewhat a muted, mellow, softer tone compared to the Diana F+. Which do I prefer? I don't know yet. There were certainly a mix of hmm and wow moments with both.

For the full set, check out my Flickr site:
- Flickr set for the Fujipet 35
- Flickr set for the Fujipet Thunderbird

The dustbin called "266", taken with the Fujipet Thunderbird.

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