Thursday, August 01, 2013


Curiosity didn't kill the cat this time. They had spotted a kitten, which slunk into the safety of the shadows when it saw the boys approach. They were desperate for it to come out and play.
(Photo taken with the Fujipet 35, using Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400.)
July had just been crazy. Going through Primary 1 is hard work... for me. *slump over keyboard*

It has been interesting lately. I still call my boys, "baby". But they are coming into their own as unique, independent individuals. Kai has always been a very quiet boy. Shy even. But he's shown to be individualistic, very firm and steadfast in what he wants or believes in.

I see that coming out more and more as the days pass. I used to think perhaps he's in a dream world, oblivious to what others are doing or what others think. But he isn't, really. I saw that loud and clear when samples of his class photos came back. There were four versions: the serious one where everyone's lined up neatly and almost not smiling; two fun/cheeky versions where you could make monkey faces; and one that's taken with a fisheye lens. He wasn't smiling in ANY of them.

How disconnected. I thought, and I was concerned. Did he even know what he was suppose to do? Would people think he's an oddball? (God forbid.) I gently brought up the subject when I asked him to decide which photo he'd like to have (the school's taking orders).

"Hey, this looks like a fun photo of your classmates! But you weren't smiling. Did you know you can make funny faces at the camera?" I asked.

"Yes. But I didn't want to because I just wanted to be myself," he said without hesitation.

That's that. I don't know what you think but that is rather mature for a 7yo. And it's also "that's that" when it comes to play. He would tell his friend he wants to take a break and read a book or rest, often to the chagrin of some. A few would threaten to stop talking to him and some would pester him and ask me to intercede. But nope. "I am tired," he'd say firmly and continue doing what he's doing. That's that.

It doesn't mean that he is impervious or immune to bullying, harsh words, or nasty actions. He'd cried buckets when a friend taunted him, called him names, and put him down. In these instances, I've always told him yes it hurts, but if what the person says isn't true, then just walk away from the bully. I told him: To always stand true to yourself. Be firm in what you believe is right.

So I think in Kai's universe, there are things that matter and things that don't.

That's that.

I am curious. I am curious to see how things will unfold for my 7yo. What kind of person will he be?

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