Thursday, July 04, 2013

Trampoline and the Lomography ActionSampler

When we came back from Japan, we found that the building management had installed a new trampoline in the playground. The boys were excited but when we first discovered it, there were some big kids who were doing circus acts in it. So we decided it'd be safer to go back another day.

They loved it but soon found it too hot after 15 minutes. I got some great shots on my new Lomography ActionSampler (clear), which is so much more forgiving than the Diana F+.

The camera takes four consecutive shots in one single 35mm film. The sequence goes anti-clockwise, starting with the image on the top left.

Kit got tossed around so much when Kai was jumping that after a while, he gave up and just sat on the trampoline. Poor baby!

See. Kit's lying dow while Kai's still at it.

I'm so glad I have the ActionSampler to now catch my monkeys in action. :)

(Photographs taken with the Lomography ActionSampler with the Lomography Color Negative 400 ISO 35mm film. Unedited by any photo/image software or app.)

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