Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Who says babies can't do great things

My 3yo has such a baby face that I always think of him as a baby rather than a soon to be 4yo. And because he is after all, the baby of the family, I am very protective of him and I am always looking out for him. Terence often has to remind me that Kit can take care of himself.

Kit had his school sports day shortly before the start of the June holidays. One of the activities required him to pour colored water from a plastic cup into a bottle. His teacher held the bottle steady for him just as he started to pour the water in. Then very shortly, his teacher let go. He never faltered. He held on tight and poured with a steady hand. All the water in the cup went into the bottle. He didn't spill a single drop.

His teacher must have been holding her breathe too because after he completed the task, we both looked up at the same time and gave each other a BIG smile. "Did you see that? He did it very well!" she said.

I started to see him as a big boy after that day.

Talking about small things that can get larger than life. The boys totally enjoyed themselves at the Mega Bugs Return exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre. Very educational and here's Diana F+'s perspective of the tunnel that 'shrinks' you before bringing you face-to-face with a butterfly and other creepy crawlies inside.

(Photos taken with Diana F+, 38mm super-wide angle lens, Lomography XPro Slide 200 120 film.)

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