Monday, June 11, 2012

I love...

How you smile for the camera.

Your unwavering passion for just one toy/character at different stages in life (first Thomas the tank engine, then Spiderman/Avengers, Beyblades, Animal Kaiser, and now Lego Ninjago).

How you draw cards filled with hearts for me, all the time.

Your curiosity and questions about new words that you hear.

How you are afraid of dangerous sports and acts.

How gentle and kind hearted you are.

How you scream and run away from the TV every time the plot turns for the worse.

The fact that you cried when ET 'died' and when he had to go home.

How you ask me to recycle all the boxes we get with every new appliance by turning them into a toy.

That you love art and craft.

How you scream bloody murder in the middle of the night every time, without fail, just before you fall sick.

How you make my day by reading words you see on the street.

How my heart fills up with love and happiness every time I see you.

How out of the blue, you'd say you love me.

How you kiss me and hug me without me ever asking.

How my list of things that I love about you can go on forever.

Happy 6yo, Kai. We love you.

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