Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My angel before he fell into the pool.

(The previous blog entry was posted on my Facebook, so I thought I'd share a new nugget of a story with everyone, to be fair. :) )

We stayed in Le Jardin Boutique Village, which came highly recommended by Tripadvisor. One of our biggest fears was the personal villa pool. The paranoid, pessimistic part of me envisioned Kit falling into the pool and drowning once our backs were turned.

On the morning of the second day, I was minding Kit who just woke up and who was sitting like an angel at the side of the pool. Kai and Terence joined us, and my 5yo started asking us for permission to sit on the opposite side of the pool by himself. By the time we looked to where he was pointing and looked back down to where Kit was sitting, my 2.5yo had fallen in!

The pool was what... 1.2m deep, and I could see Kit, his eyes wide open, paddling desperately to get back up. One second passed. Two seconds. Three seconds. Four seconds. Well, ok, he's not going to be able to swim back up. (Who am I kidding right?) So I tried grabbing him from the side of the pool, thinking he's near enough.

Next thing I know, I was in the pool in my PJs, hauling Kit back up. He wasn't spitting out water or coughing. That rascal held his breath after he fell in!

Terence turned to me and said, "OK, next time it'd be my turn."

It'd better be!

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