Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DIY pizza

If your toddler loves pizza and you want a healthier-version of what they serve outside, try making them at home. And it isn't all that difficult.

What you need:
- Pita bread
- Mozarella cheese
- Your kid's favorite easy-to-cook toppings (e.g. ham, mushroom, peppers, pineapple, onions, tomato etc.)
- Tomato paste (optional)
- Your son/daughter to throw on the ingredients

Slice your pita bread in half, spread Mozarella cheese over it, and throw on the toppings (chop them up first!). Then pop it into the toaster oven for 10-15 min (i.e. till things are cooked, cheese melt and brown nicely).

If you want a tomato base, spread a thin layer of the paste before you throw on the cheese. But not too much as you don't want the pizza to taste too sour.

That's it! Kai loves to stare at his creation cook in the oven and snatch pieces of ham from the bowl while making his pizza.

We had so much fun doing it the first time (photos from first attempt) that we decided to do it again on National Day with more toppings.

1 comment:

Jorina said...

What a great tip! Ian loves pizza, and cooking as you know. :) will try it this Sat!


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