Wednesday, August 03, 2011

(Rockin' or not in my) Darcie

I am going crazy. Shortly after Kit recovered from HFMD, he fell sick again with fever, running nose, cough... AND he's teething.


I don't know about you'd feel, but having a sick, hyperactive toddler in the house is REALLY NO FUN. Work is piling up and there are the usual day-to-day running of the household thingies to take care of.


On the first sign that Kit was ready to go back to school (i.e. no fever in the morning), I packed him off to school and decided to be a little unconventional with my outfit for a client meeting. I pulled on the lovely Dr. Martens Darcie boots in teal^ (yes, teal). I have been eyeing the Darcie for the longest time and it was a tough decision -- it was between leopard prints or teal -- but I finally decided I REALLY dig teal. (Plus, I already own a Dr. Martens clog in leopard prints, but that's another story....)

And so.

Nothing beats retail therapy. After the meeting, I checked in at Zadig & Voltaire in Marina Bay Sands.

It was fun going through the sale items, and I finally found a cashmere shawl (100% cashmere!) that was on discount. (My previous helper put my old shawl in the washing machine, and I haven't been able to find a suitable replacement.) I felt rockin'.


Kit came down with fever again in the evening. Not rockin' right now. Feeling all guilty for packing him off to school.

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