Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Treasure box

Sometimes when we are in the park, at the beach, or walking along our secret path, my 5yo would pick up objects and ask if we can bring them home. He wants to bring home gravel, twigs, chunks of dried mud, seeds, flowers, shells.... If I allow it, they would sit strewn on his shelf or the dining table until I'd wait for him to forget about the item and I'd throw it away.

Then I thought it wasn't such a nice mummy thing to do, and that's how Kai's treasure box came about.

I gave him a box from NET-A-PORTER and we both thought it would be a great idea if his giant purple spider could sit on it to keep his treasures safe (and frighten Kit away, he added wisely).

We now have a twig, a coral, a thank you note from his pal Ian, and his amazing collection of Angry Birds drawings.

And not forgetting the seeds that he so painstakingly picked up on the way to school one day, which he made me promise to bring home. They look like dried watermelon seeds but smaller. Luckily, nothing disgusting has popped up in his collection yet!

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