Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The tiger sleeps tonight. My 22mo.

At the risk of being labelled boring, here is yet another picture of my napping soon-to-be 22mo boy. I can't help it! Ask any mummy and they will tell you that they love to watch their babies/children sleep. (This is beside the fact that because the child is asleep, there is no one to bother us.)

But here is Kit. Looking so peaceful and angelic. Who would think that he scratches like a tiger when he's angry, excited, or when he wants his way and doesn't get it. Everyone has been scratched. Me, Terence, Kai, school teachers, MIL, and helper. I am amazed I haven't been called into the principal's office yet.

The Kit we know and love has come so far since the day he was born. Which brings me to the question... what should I do for his birthday?

# # #

Post-HFMD update:
After six days without food, Kit finally started eating ramen on the seventh day since coming down with HFMD. On the eighth day, he was gobbling fishball noodles with gusto. On day nine, he went back to school a happy boy.

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