Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New adventures

Kit turned 13 months last Friday. It's hard to stop thinking of him as a baby but as a toddler who wants to try new things all the time. And he wants to conquer the world! I discovered that he loves going down water slides and he really doesn't care if water splashes all over his face, which is something a lot of kids are scared of, including Kai.

He is also starting to toddle around on his own. But he is still a little unstable and is liable to topple over when he gets excited. Nonetheless, he's actually making baby steps. Be warned world, here's a new exploror on the way!

Unlike Kit, however, there is no way I can get Kai down any water slide. But Kai is exploring the world in his own way. I thought he might be afraid of taking a ride on a pony, and he surprised me.

He still wanted me to join him on the carousel though. (Not just because I had to due to a height limit). It's nice; I don't want them to grow up too fast. :-)

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