Saturday, October 23, 2010

I like i Light Marina Bay

The past week had been a hectic one with freelance assignments that I wanted to get out of the way by Thursday as Kai's school was closed on Friday, which meant I had to dedicate all my time to the kids. So that definitely put a crimp on my blogging time. But just before the start of the crazy week, we visited the i Light Marina Bay festival that made me look at our island state in a different light.
i Light Marina Bay is sustainable light art festival that entertains as well as engages the audience. As the title of the festival suggests, only energy-efficient lights and lighting techniques are used in the light art works. When we visited the bay last Friday, the haze hadn't made its unwelcome presence felt just yet so we had a relaxing stroll along the bay--or rather we strolled, Kai run from one installation to another.

Photography buffs were out in full force that night. We only had our Canon S90, which Terence and I took turns to give our own interpretations of the installations. That's how I saw "My Public Garden"^.

And here's how Terence saw the same exhibit^.

They placed these inflated mats^ shaped like aeroplanes on the grass and it looked like they were docked along a runway. It wasn't just an installation, but picnic mats! We just had our dinner so we just rolled around for a while to enjoy the night scene.

These alien shapes are part of a light sculpture, which isn't part of the festival (I think, as I can't find it in the walking guide).

I liked the "Human Tiles", which is an interactive installation. Using what the artists call "virtual tiles", which cover a building's facade, a video camera captures movement of people in an area in real-time, creating constantly moving and ever changing color images on the tiles.

Kai really liked Lumenocity Singapore as he had a blast running through the columns.

When we got tired, we just sat down by the water edge and took in the sight. Singapore has come a long way. The whole experience felt worldclass. Don't miss it.

(Festival ends November 7, 2010.)

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