Friday, June 04, 2010

This one takes the cake

So Annie and Clarabel couldn't make it, but he was pleased with James and Percy.

One of the main highlights of any birthday party is the cake. And the best part is, everyone in the family is involved in all the fun. The excitement starts way before the birthday itself when Kai flips through the cake album, chooses his cake, the color, the design, and the engines that go on the cake.

Kai gets to place his candles on the cake. Any where he wants.

Then I am responsible for ensuring that the correct engines make their appearance on the cake. Then Terence who has to brave morning traffic on the ECP, PIE, CTE plus pay a total of S$6 ERP toll to pick up the cake as the cake shop can't make the delivery early enough for Kai's birthday party in school. We decided to celebrate his birthday in school early as his teachers have so kindly decided to close the school for a day on his birthday! (Nah, it was a happy coincidence.)

Then the unveiling of the cake. The wows. The gasps. The smiles. For a moment, we forget about the hole in our pocket (from the cost of the cake).

Kai looked rather embarrassed from all the attention that's showered on him during this morning's cake cutting.

But he soon forgot about that as he concentrates on cutting the cake. A big task for a young man.

Tasting note:

I thought the 3D cake from Pine Garden's Cake tasted as good as it looked. It had real strawberries in the strawberry layer and though it was laden with fresh cream, it was light, fluffy, and not all that sweet. (Their blackforest cake is to die for, IMHO.) I was told they can be quite atas (proud) because they are rather popular, but I had great service from the day we stepped in to the shop and till the pick up.

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