Sunday, May 30, 2010

Growing up

Holidays are not just a great time to bond with Kai. We also learn new things about him which we wouldn't under normal circumstances.

Kai has been to Phuket three times. Once when he was still a baby in my tummy, the second time when he was two and most recently, we treated ourselves to a short getaway in a two-bedroom apartment in Movenpick Hotels & Resorts, Phuket.

This time, he didn't mind being tumbled round and round by the waves--something which terrified him so much in the past. In fact, he rather enjoyed it. He even surprised us by agreeing to sleeping in his own room--something which we didn't think he was brave enough to do. But we told him it was something only 'big boys' get to do on a vacation, and he happily went to bed with his three 'friends' (i.e. Eeyore, lamb, and guinea pig).

Our little boy... he's growing up. :-)

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