Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A gourmand's delight: QB Food Trading

I like warehouse shopping. It's as close as you can get to the source. Plus most of the time, you walk away feeling like you've got a really good deal. So if you love to cook and if meats--especially Wagyu beef--is your thing, then do check out food distributor QB Food Trading's warehouse retail outlet.

Other than meats, both frozen and fresh, which you can buy in bulk, there are other produce like seafood, sauces, and herbs as well. Their fresh buffalo mozzarella^ was going at S$5.35 per packet, which is far less than what you pay at the supermarket.

The brand they carried is pretty good; the cheese was soft, creamy, and smooth. Perfect for a caprese salad^.
The Grade 6 Wagyu beef was going at S$11.75 per 100 gram. Cheap.

Terence refused to pan fry the steak we bought, opting to drive to NTUC thereafter to buy a use-once-and-throw BBQ set. And we had smokey steak cooked with the help of a food thermometer.

QB Food Trading is far out for East enders, but it is worth a drive if you want to throw a party/dinner where good meats for grilling/BBQ-ing is required.

8 Chin Bee Crescent

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