Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A pleasant surprise

The welcome kit we received at the Butterfly Lodge on Sunday came with two packets of spinach, courtesy of the hydroponics farm.

While mummy and the two boys snoozed the afternoon away. daddy went out and bought chicken bones to make his own take on spinach in superior stock--a popular Cantonese dish. So I woke up to a yummy chicken stock boiling in the kitchen.

It turned out to be a meal where we didn't have to coax, beg, and threaten Kai to eat. I whipped up another dish--thanks to the Chow's recipe--that's fast becoming popular in the Tan household--Pat Krapao Moo Sap (fried mince pork with basil and chili padi). Of course Kai's version didn't come with the chili.

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