Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baby love

Babies draw a lot of attention. Perhaps it is nature's way of ensuring that someone so small and fragile is cared for. And sometimes, the perks also extend to the caregiver as I re-discovered recently.

At the Sentosa payment gantry a few weeks ago, I was asked for the confirmation letter from the hotel that I was staying at. As I was joining Terence, who was there for a conference, I didn't have the letter which would grant me free entry to the island. The lady peered into my car, saw a toddler looking at her with big innocent eyes and a baby sleeping soundly, she said: "Oh, never mind lah."

And so that was how I entered Sentosa that trip without having to pay a single cent.

# # #

Just yesterday, I had to go back to our old apartment to return the transponder for our car. I expected the guard to go through the process of taking down my particulars, the unit I was going to, purpose for visit, and all that jazz. But the guide looked into my car and said: "Oh, you got baby ah. For a while only right? Never mind, just go."

Babies are really useful. Time to discover ways to get the most of Kit at this time of his life. :-p

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