Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our first 'party' at our new home

Cake cutting out in the balconey with the Singapore nightscape as our backdrop

We moved the weekend just before Terence's birthday, which left me very little time to plan for his special day. But it got all organised within a day(!), including calling the Chows over for his birthday surprise, buying ballons while managing Kai's mini-meltdown in the mall (he wanted orange juice NOW), picking up sandwiches and cake...

U-Jin looked almost horrified when I didn't take out the camera to commemorate the moment. But I was really way too exhausted. He offered to be the camera man. Don't blame him for the picture quality; he was limited by the equipment!

He ain't George Clooney. Terence making his first cuppa with his birthday present--the Nespresso machine!

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