Saturday, July 11, 2009

Only a parent's heart would know...

Kai with his bedtime 'friends' (anti-clockwise from bottom left): (partial of) Eeyore, Platypus, and Care Bear. Rabbit apologises for not being present; he was flung out of frame. I feel when I look at Kai while he sleeps. Terence called me a "smittened kitten" as I stared at my three-year old tonight.

I told myself that one day, I will take a photo of him while he sleeps so that I'll always remember the picture of innocence and his cherubic features for a long time to come. So here I was, in our hotel room in Sentosa, trying to find a comfortable position to hold the camera still long enough (for the shutter to stay open in the dark) to snap a picture of Kai.

This is it. Done with a swollen belly. Without a tripod. With abated breath.

On the way back to our room, we walked under the canopy of a row of lovely fragipani trees. Light pink flowers covered our path, and Kai was thrilled. He picked them up and I told him what a good boy was he to make a lovely bouquet of flowers for us.

He was so excited when I said we'll try to find a vase for them. So here it is, Kai's creation in our room. It was Terence's idea to use the cup. The look in Kai's eyes was precious when he placed the flowers in the cup.

How lovely. Flowers to herald a new day in our new rental apartment tomorrow.


Cory said...

did i give him the playtpus?

Khay Mun said...

yup u did :)


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