Wednesday, July 16, 2008


After months of hunting,
weeks of nasty negotiation,
stressful days that swing between frustration and jubilation,
sleepless nights,
working weekends and...
last minute changes

We finally moved 10 staff out of a small 500 sq ft office to a comfortable 1,250 sq ft space.

Three years of tears and sweat, highs and lows, unexpected kindness and dedication, and (yes) unpleasant exchanges have brought our company to a higher level. It isn't strange saying "our company" though it legally involves only two partners and friends. But it feels like "our company" because so many people are part of Flame--be it an ex or existing staff, an ex or recurring client, an ex colleague, new and long-time friends, parents, spouse, in-laws, suppliers, partners.

Some believe in us, some roll their eyes at us, some give us two thumbs up, some give us one thumb down (ha!). No matter what, they have moulded us one way or another and created this unique entity called "Flame Communications".

I hope the victory I feel is shared by everyone. It is a team effort.

Thank you.

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