Monday, July 28, 2008

Playschool is fun

Clouds with silver lining

Kai's playschool held a "School Open House" over the weekend, and I was pretty excited over it. In addition to showcasing some of the art work by the kids, there would be activities that both parent and child could participate in.

Gobble gobble! Kai's the creative hand behind the startled turkey.

I didn't realise his new school compound is so big. I've only been inside his classroom, and never had a chance to venture beyond that. So you can imagine how bewildered I was, going from room to room looking for his artwork. Before I knew it, I was in the midst of a kitchen (they have a kitchen?!) filled with children baking cookies.

He's my cheeky star

Kai's teacher was very nice. They told me where I can find Kai's artwork. I was bowled over. He did so many things in school! The teachers even dished out food for me from their home-made buffet. I was touched.

Kai's artistic impression of a star

There were tons of parents and kids around; it was hard to pay attention to everyone. But the teachers worked their ground very well, and never once lost their cool. They even took time to tell me the silly things Kai said in school, rational behind the activities etc.

We made a wand, a bird-in-a-cage flippy thing, and he poured beaten eggs into the flour mixture as well as dished out cookie dough on the baking tray. But I think he enjoyed eating the cookie more than the baking.

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