Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Reached home at 8.15pm to an empty house. As if by magic, Terence called to say he and Kai were downstairs having a stroll.

Kai saw me, and came running towards me from the far end of the estate. I saw him, and I ran towards him. (Fade in mushy music.)

"Ma ma! Hug!" he said as he collapsed into my arms.

# # #

Terence took me out for an Italian dinner. He knew I was down.

He drove, and parallel parked by driving head into the lot instead of reversing. He once lectured me big time about the technicalities of why-cars-should-always-reverse-when-parallel-parking. He had to make a lot of stupid, inefficient moves just to get the car in. I like if when he acts silly.

We had a good laugh.

# # #

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