Friday, May 30, 2008

He's a foodie

Terence called yesterday afternoon: "Kai's teacher told mom that we should pack some snacks for him to eat. He gets very upset that other kids have their snacks, and he doesn't."

Snacks? What snacks? I perused the school's to-do list like a hawk before I packed him off to school the first day, and there was no mention of snacks of any kind.

"We're horrible parents!" I said

"No, you're a horrible mum," quipped Terence.


I called the school. What happened was that some kids are dropped off later at about 10am. This means that they would miss the breakfast, and so parents would pack a snack for them in case they are hungry. Since "Kai loves food", he wants to be part of the action.

They try to share, but when there's not enough... Kai gets very upset.

And Kai's teacher refused to call him "greedy".

"No, no, he just loves food."

*applause* I love his school.

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