Monday, June 30, 2008

Thomas: A love-hate relationship

My parents had been trawling the toy shops in search of a toddler-size automated Thomas. After a year of hunting, they finally found it in Toys "R" Us. They were hoping Kai would be thrilled with it, and went on about how they managed to get a discount for it.

But he didn't take to it at all.

Rather than hop on and enjoy the ride, he sees it as his own real-life working rail way. So all he does is, switch it on (it's bloody noisy btw) and watch it go round and round and round and round... And that's how he'd react if you ask him if he wants a ride^!

I can't force him to use it for the purpose it's designed for. I feel bad for my parents too, but I suppose they have to be contented with the fact that he likes it though for a totally different reason.

I'm considering bringing the set downstairs and charge neighbouring kids a dollar per one minute ride...

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