Thursday, January 03, 2008

Life's tough

Being a working mother has left me very little time for myself. So one of the unsaid-resolutions I made this year is to take time out for me, myself and I. So yesterday, I happily advised my husband: "I'm off shopping at Wisma Atria!"

Destination: Tough Jeans

It's a popular Hong Kong brand that's known for their deconstructed jeans, but what I'm really crazy about are their bags. Their bags have a ruggard, hobo look that's fashionable, durable and funky at the same time. The design of some of their clasps/clips makes the bags look burglar-proof--i.e. even if a thief gets his hand on your bag, he won't be able to open it. I was introduced to the brand, surprise surprise, by Terence many years ago when he bought me my first Tough bag from Taiwan.

Even their paper bag looked so good that I didn't do the environmentally-friendly thing of asking them to pack my purchase into my bag.

Just as I was paying for my t-shirt, Terence called and said, "Are you on your way home?"
Me: "No, I'm still shopping."
Terence: "Still shopping? But Wanti (maid) is cooking steak for dinner."
Me: "I know, go ahead then. I told you I was shopping!"
Terence: "I didn't know you'd take so long."

It's a tough life isn't it? And it was suppose to be my night out.

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