Saturday, November 10, 2007

The growing explorer

Kai has been exerting his independence lately. This means sometimes we have to just stand by, let him explore, rather than haul him back everytime he attempts to do something that adults would normally turn-up their nose at.
OK, it's not like we let him put a sweet he's found on the floor into his mouth. But if he wants to stamp his feet in a puddle, we'll let him do it for a while before we divert his attention else where. Or if he wants to pick up a twig at the beach and dig his little fingers into what seemed like yucky, dirty sand.
I like bringing him to the beach every Saturday morning for breakfast followed by a stroll. It's normally just a mummy-baby/toddler thing, but daddy joins us (which he did today) if he's not working (poor thing).

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