Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Screening Room

The Screening Room has a rather novel concept that's worth checking out. It is a film-themed restaurant where you'd get to enjoy a menu that's inspired by the movie that's playing for the night. (So say if they're playing "Under the Tuscan sun", you can expect a Tuscan dinner.) And after the movie, you can chill out at the Screening Room's rooftop bar.

C'est la vie...

We watched "Singapore dreaming", tickets courtesy of the Sun Festival organisers.

I wept.

After the movie, Terence insisted that we try to get back some of the cool life (yeah right...) that we had before Kai came along by getting a drink at the bar. I had my first Cosmopolitan. Felt like Carrie from "Sex and the city" as I ordered it. But after I tasted it, I decided maybe I'll just stick to good old boring Bellini.

The moon shone high in the clear night sky, and all was bright and gay


Ujin & Sharon said...

You guys really know the best places to go. Please share your list with us when we return from Less-exciting-Bangkok.

Khay Mun said...

Oh don't worry! We are chalking up places which we keep saying: "The Chows will love it here!" and "Next time we'll bring the Chows here!" ;)

Then the inevitable question would be: "When ARE they coming back?"


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