Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Exorcising our demons at Busselton Jetty

We did it! We finally walked the long, long, long Busselton Jetty (1,841m) and visited the Underwater Observatory at the end of the jetty. (We abandoned the outing in cold, cold April this year.)

It took 22 minutes to walk there and 30 minutes to walk back. Kai insisted on walking on the way back though he was bent on self-destruction (i.e. running off the jetty) everytime we put him down.

We didn't think he got anything from the trip. All he wanted to do was switch the TV on and off in the observatory room (8m below sea level). (Please understand darling, it was something Mommy and Daddy HAD to do. And you've got no cause to complain. We carried you for one solid hour!)

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