Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Oops at Oosh

I think almost everyone in Singapore would have heard of Oosh by now. It was one of the restaurants I placed on my "to visit" list (note the past tense) until today.

Over lunch, Michelle narrated a friend's misadventure with the restaurant:

Three of them brought an overseas angmoh friend to Oosh. Being the gregarious person that he is, the angmoh told the waiter/chef to just serve them something special, be creative.

(At this point, alarm bells were already ringing in the heads of everyone listening to Michelle.)

Guess how much the bill came up to. Gary started off with S$500. I said S$900. Michelle said: "No, higher."

(Stunned silence around the table.)

The final figure? Close to S$3,000.

What on earth did they eat?

OK... they should have been more savvy and someone ought to have reined in the angmoh guy after he said that. But seriously, the restaurant should have warned their customers that it is going to cost them. Even if they were served toro, the best grade of sake ever etc. we can't fathom how it could come up to S$3,000.

After this incident, I'm certainly avoiding Oosh for sure.

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