Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Amoy Street Fried Oyster

It is not in Amoy Street at all, but at People's Park food market (#01-1016B).

We sometimes go to the market on Saturday afternoons to visit my parents. While we leave Kai with my parents at their store, Terence and I will go around sampling the food at the market.

We call such escapades Tapas (which is the name for a wide variety of appetizers in Spanish). We tried the char kway teow from the store previously, and liked it very much. There was a queue to warrant our curiosity too.

But when we went there last weekend, it wasn't as tasty as before. Maybe the cook was having a bad day. Having said that, I would suggest giving it a try.

Naturally we ordered the oyster omelette since they are after all the "Amoy Street Fried Oyster". But it had too much starch, not enough egg. You can give it a miss unless you crave for some oysters, which this store gives enough so you won't suspect your husband for eating more than his fair share.

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